Anatomy of a boot

Anatomy of a boot

Made of high quality leather, the MARTINO boot is resistant, durable and waterproof. The sheep's wool lining is ideal for maximizing warmth in winter, while the 3-season lining optimizes comfort in winter, spring and fall. With a lightweight sole, the MARTINO boot is the perfect partner for outdoor activities. The removable lining and the YKK zipper are important assets that guarantee quality and reliability.

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C'est avec expertise et passion que le fabricant canadien Martino fabrique des bottes 3 saisons et des bottes d'hiver de qualité supérieure.

Expertise and passion

Founders Auclair and Martineau made their first shoes the same way their ancestors did for centuries. Carefully selected natural leather was meticulously assembled by hand to ensure a superior product. This is the same approach we still use today. A single pair of boots brings together the talent and passion of sixty people, creating jobs and developing local expertise.

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Depuis plus de 60 ans, MARTINO propose également sa collection de mocassins pour bébé, enfant, homme et femme sous la bannière AMIMOC.

Amimoc: A Canadian Tradition

For more than 60 years, MARTINO has also offered its collection of moccasins under the AMIMOC banner. Combining expertise, passion, talent and traditions, each pair of moccasins is unique and carefully crafted by our team of craftsmen.

We are unique, just like you. We are AMIMOC.

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My first Martino winter boots allowed me to fall in love with a Quebec company that makes unique products of great quality. I can't wait for winter to come back so I can wear them again.

Since I discovered Banff boots, I can't live without them. They keep my feet warm despite the sometimes freezing winter weather. Comfort, quality and originality are found in this handmade product. I love them!

My Nelsons are truly the best boots I've ever had in my life. I wear them in spring, fall and winter. I love their urban look that reminds me of the famous "jobber" boot with a little something extra!

Marie-Noëlle H. Québec
Claire L. Québec
Sylvain L. Québec