La compagnie québécoise Martino a été fondée en 1956 par messieurs Henri Auclair et Jules Martineau.

About Martino

Martino is a story of heart and passion for generations.

Aujourd'hui, le fabricant de bottes et chaussures Martino distribue ses modèles au Québec, au Canada et outre-mer.

The birth of Martino

When, in 1995, Mr. Xavier Leclercq took over the reins of the company, the boot market was developed under the MARTINO banner, in honour of its founders. In 2007, Jonathan Leclercq, son of Xavier, became the owner. He has the ambition to export MARTINO products overseas and to make the company's growing popularity known in Europe, Japan and China

Dirigée par monsieur Jonathan Leclerq, la compagnie québécoise Martino est établie sur la rue de la Faune, à Québec, et compte une soixantaine d'employés.

And the story continues...

More than 60 years after its founding, the team still operates its factory in Quebec City. Today, more than 90 talented people work with passion to design, manufacture and market superior quality leather footwear and accessories.

Today, MARTINO proudly ranks among the most reputable Canadian footwear manufacturers.

Les experts Martino sélectionnent des cuirs de qualité supérieure pour confectionner, à la main, des chaussures et des bottes uniques.

A collective creation

In 2019, over 350 pairs of shoes are produced every day. With all stages of production being closely linked, each of our products becomes a collective work of art that bears witness to the daily work of our diligent team

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Plus de cinquante personnes mettent leurs talents à contribution pour créer les 350 paires de bottes et chaussures produites à chaque jour.