Martino fabrique des produits en cuir durables et robustes. Les bottes, les chaussures, les mocassins et les sacs sont garantis pendant 12 mois à partir de la date d'achat.

Maintenance and warranty

Martino products are made to last

Les chaussures et les accessoires de cuir véritable sont fabriqués au Canada, par les experts Martino.
Située dans le quartier St-Émile à Québec, la compagnie Martino fabrique des bottes de cuir à la main, selon des processus ancestraux.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about out-of-warranty repairs, contact us. Our team will answer your questions within 48 business hours. Discover the Martino approved maintenance routine to maximize the longevity of your leather products.

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Le nettoyeur pour cuir proposé par la compagnie Martino permet de nettoyer vos bottes convenablement et ainsi, maximiser leur durée de vie.

Step 1: Clean

This step is essential to maximize the durability of your product. Cleaning your shoe or boot with a damp cloth or leather cleaner will remove surface dirt and stains. We suggest using a vinegar and water solution to remove stubborn salt stains. It is important to always clean your product before storing it at the end of the season. This step can also be done on a daily basis for the duration of the product's use.

Always let the product air dry before applying another product.

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La crème pour le cuir proposé par la compagnie Martino permet de protéger le cuir de vos bottes et chaussures, favorisant leur hydratation, leur souplesse et leur longévité.

Step 2: Decalcify

It is important to protect your product with a spray protector or grease the first time you use it. Also, after cleaning your product, it is possible that the cleaner has altered the protective layer of the leather, so it is important to apply the right protection for the type of leather.

Leather protector, usually sprayed on, is mainly used for nubuck, suede and other "velvety" leathers. Grease, used on full grain leather prevents aging and creates a barrier against abrasives.

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La graisse proposée par Martino permet d'hydrater en profondeur le cuir et de lui redonner une certaine brillance ; vous améliorez ainsi la performance et la durabilité de vos bottes et de vos chaussures.

Step 3: Moisturize

Like your skin, leather needs a moisturizer to prevent it from drying out. Using a neutral leather moisturizer will moisturize and restore the shine to your leather. The use of a colour cream will also allow you to give your leather a new look and correct certain imperfections.

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La botte Meredith fabriquée par la compagnie québécoise Martino est un modèle iconique, gagnant sans cesse en popularité ; sa coupe féminine, son confort, sa versatilité et sa couleur riche sont les clés de son succès.

1. DO NOT: Leave your boots to dry near a heating element or heat source. It is best to always let your boots air dry.

2. DONOT: Use products that are not suitable for the type of leather in your boot. Always refer to the advice of the retailer or a shoemaker for the type of products to use according to the type of leather. Always test any maintenance product on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it all over.

3. DO NOT: Store your boots without taking the time to properly clean and protect them. Always take the time at the end of the season to clean and protect your boots before storage.

4. DON'T: Remove your boots quickly either by pressing down on the heel of the boot with your foot, or by unzipping halfway. Always take the time to remove your boots and unzip to avoid premature breakage.

Les experts Martino sont passionnés par le monde de la chaussure, par le cuir, par l'éco-responsabilité, par le développement durable, par l'achat local.

Need some advices?

Several actions can be taken on a daily basis to prevent premature wear of leather and thus maximize the durability of your boots, shoes and moccasins. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to receive additional advice.

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Martino : des bottes fabriquées à la main destinées aux amoureux du plein-air et de la nature.